Book Authors and their Changing Circumstances

A new report is out from the ARC project  The Australian Book Industry: Authors, publishers and readers in a time of change. Professor David Throsby leads the project, assisted by Dr Jan Zwar, Dr Tom Longden and Mr Paul Crosby. The project started in February 2014 and has collected some fascinating data.

The new report Book Authors and their Changing Circumstances: Survey Method and Results reports on a survey of over a thousand authors.

For those interested in scholarly publishing the data includes 147 responses from authors publishing in education and 99 who publish scholarly works (14.8 and 10 per cent of respondents respectively).

Much of the data is disaggregated by genre – for scholarly authors:

  • 98% have completed postsecondary qualifications
  • % have learnt by doing, very few have attended writing workshops
  • 8 – number of books publishing during career
  • 4 books released last year
  • 3% books published in print by traditional publisher (much greater percentage that other genre writers, except for education)
  • 3% ebook published by traditional publisher


There is much in this report to read, digest and consider.


Roxanne Missingham


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