National Scholarly Communications Forum

National Scholarly Communications Forum. Presentations are now online.  Thanks to Colin Steele for bringing such a great range of speakers and ideas together.  And to the academies for their support.

Overview of global scholarly communication issues [pdf 503kb]
Colin Steele FAHA: Emeritus Fellow, The Australian National University

The impact of metrics on scholarly research and publishing [pdf 1.2mb]
Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell: Deputy Director of Research & Research Training; Professor of History, The University of Queensland

Policy drivers in Australian higher education research [pdf 425kb]
Dr Tim Cahill: Consultant, Research Strategies Australia

It’s not what you publish, it’s where you publish… [pdf 236kb]
Professor Kim Langfield-Smith: Vice-Provost (Academic Performance); Professor of Management Accounting, Monash University

Publishing futures – the scholarly journal [pdf 565kb]
Sarah Blatchford: Convenor, Scholarly & Journals Committee, Australian Publishers Association; Regional Director, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Australasia; Board of Directors, CHASS

Publishing futures – the monograph [pdf 836kb]
Roxanne Missingham: University Librarian, The Australian National University; Chair, Library Publishing Advisory Committee, Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Australian Research Council: open access [pdf 209kb]
Justin Withers: Director, Policy & Integrity, Australian Research Council

What reward for academic collegiality? Scholarly journal editors panel [pdf 390kb]
Associate Professor Frank Bongiorno: School of History, The Australian National University

Peer review: what works, what doesn’t and challenges for the future [pdf 1.1mb]
Dr Megan Head: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environment, The Australian National University

Edit and perish [pdf 23kb]
Emeritus Professor Ross Williams AM: Professorial Fellow, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research, The University of Melbourne; Managing Editor, Australian Economic Review

Disrupting disincentives: some thoughts on scholarship, academic integrity and reward [pdf 631kb]
Emeritus Professor Tom Cochrane: Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology

Practice research: re-appraising dissemination [some UK examples] [pdf 1.3mb]
Professor Paul Gough: Pro Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President, RMIT University

#Borderfarce, building, and a hacker’s reward [links directly to Dr Sherratt’s blog ‘discontents’]
Dr Tim Sherratt: Associate Professor of Digital Heritage, University of Canberra


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