Mapping the Future of Scholarly Publishing

Released in January 2015, this report from the Open Science Initiative (OSI) a working group convened by the National Science Communication Institute (nSCI) is a must read.

The report is broad and looks to a different future – it was inspired by fundamental questions:

What are the problems with the current system of scholarly publishing? What are the different perspectives on these problems? What are some possible solutions? What should our goals and our guiding objectives be regarding improving access to research information? Should we even bother worrying about this issue (is the current state of affairs adequate)?
What would a future with more open science look like? What might a future without more open science
look like? How do we get from where we are now to where we need to be, considering there are so many competing interests and entrenched positions? Why might it be important to act now?


There are three major recommendations:

1. Convene an annual series of high-level conferences between all key stakeholders over the next
10 years to discuss, implement, adjust, and track major reforms to the scholarly publishing system.

2. Find answers to key questions related to reform, as detailed in the summary document.

3. Investigate the possibility of constructing the world’s first all-scholarship repository (ASR)

Lots to discuss…

Go to to read the report

Roxanne Missingham


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