Knowledge Unlatched: progress report shows change has been a major first step

The progress report for Knowledge Unlatched is out.

Do read – many interesting findings.

297 libraries from 24 countries signed up for the Pilot Collection, exceeding the original target by almost 50%. This reduced the cost for every library taking part from $1680 to $1195. Libraries paid an average of less than $43 (down from the target of an average of $60 per title) to unlatch each book in the collection, compared to an average hardback cover price of $95. Participating publishers received an average Title Fee payment of $12,000 for each book in the Pilot Collection, less any deductions for additional purchases (see section on preventing double payment).

The geographic spread of the participating Pilot libraries was: 46% from North America, 26% from the UK and 28% from the rest of the world. 24 libraries from Australia took part in the Pilot: an impressive number, given that Australia has just 43 universities.

Next steps:

Eventually, KU aims to arrive at a size that will allow it to affect a positive change in the scholarly communication landscape and generate sufficient funds to be self-sustaining.

A number of practical issues will be further investigated.

Usage data of the books and analysis will be conducted.



Roxanne Missingham


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