Library Publishing Directory

The Library Publishing Coalition has announced the publication of the first edition of the Library Publishing Directory

 “The Library Publishing Directory provides a snapshot of the publishing activities of 115 academic and research libraries (primarily in North America), including information about the number and types of publications they produce, the services they offer authors, how they are staffed and funded, and the future plans of institutions that are engaged in this growing sector of scholarly publishing. 

In documenting the breadth and depth of activities in this field, this resource aims to articulate the unique value of library publishing; establish it as a significant and growing community of practice; and to raise its visibility within a number of stakeholder communities, including administrators, funding agencies, other scholarly publishers, librarians, and content creators.”


 Download the Open Access version of the Directory or order a print copy via Purdue University PressAmazon, or Barnes and Noble.


Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s infectious optimism is more radical – a comprehensive reinvention of scholarly communication, review and distribution:

“What if the press were re-imagined as part of a university publishing center that, parallel to and in collaboration with the library, served as another pivot point between the institution and the broader scholarly community—if, just as the library brings the world to the university, the press brought the university to the world? What if, rather than serving particular scholarly fields through the current list-based press model, the publishing center instead focused on the need to publish the work produced within the university, making it available for dissemination around the world? How would the press’s function in the scholarly communication process”.

Roxanne Missingham


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